For the School Year of 2020/2021

While we traditionally have a before and after care program at Wayside Elementary School, for the 2020/2021 school year we have a full day learning pod program. Following established Covid cleaning protocols and social distancing, we are providing a learning environment where our in-class teachers help the students with their virtual classwork at Wayside.

Spring 2021 – Yes! The Learning Pod is available every other week

For Spring 2021 while all students are welcome to continue attending every week, we are also offering every other week support to our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. Space is limited. All rooms in Wayside have limits plus we have two teachers assigned to the Pod. In addition, if enrollment allows, we will provide limited before, after, and ‘Wednesday only’ support. But only if we can do it and stay within our designated limit. There will be no big groups this spring. Everything is managed and controlled. But we study and have fun!

Here is a flyer about Spring 2021. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TdWmiQwNMmeTl8J-wlD_J9AHrYOnZfqIkFXEiwApf3U/edit?usp=sharing

To begin the Enrollment process, please fill out this Spring 2021 Enrollment form


Please Note: Until the Enrollment form is submitted, availability reviewed, the invoice is sent and the invoice is paid, the student’s spot in the learning pod is not guaranteed.

If you have questions, reach out to one of us. Erin Claycomb is the Director (erin@waysidecdc.com) and Cindy Hillard is the Office Manager (cindy@waysidecdc.com).

Overall History and Information

The Farmland Child Development Center is a licensed, non-profit childcare center for school-age children that provides a stimulating and educational before and after school program. It is located on-site at Wayside Elementary school. The objective of our program is to offer each child a secure community environment in which he or she will develop a sound self-concept, new skills, an increasing sense of independence, a sense of responsibility, and satisfying relationships.

The program is designed to help children function more effectively as individuals and as members of the group. CDC promotes the welfare of the individual through group experiences set under the guidelines of the program and directed by experienced staff.